Arma 3 - Zeus Enhanced - Shortcut Keyboard

Arma 3 - Zeus Enhanced - Shortcut Keyboard

Not everyone knows that when you are in Zeus mode on Arma 3 there are a number of very useful keyboard shortcuts to make some actions simple or to use something that is not available in any menu.

In this article we will also include the shortcuts that you can add if you are also using the Zeus Enhanced Mod.


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First of all, remember that in Arma 3 it is always possible to change the key combinations by going to:

Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Selecting Zeus from the Dropdown Menu (For Arma 3 Vanilla).
Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Configure Add-ons -> Drop-down Menu, Zeus Enhanced (For Zeus Enhanced mod).
`- Open the attribute view
Opens the Zeus Attributes view for the selected entity. Useful when it is difficult to double-click a moving object - just select the object and press this key. If used when multiple entities are selected, the one on which you are placing the cursor or the one selected at the top of the entity interface on the left will open if the cursor is not on any object.

Alt + Page Up - Increase NVG brightness
Increase the brightness of the zeus night view.

Alt + Page Down - Decreases NVG brightness
Reduces the brightness of the zeus night view.

B - Enable / disable Include crew
Enable or disable the "Place Manned Vehicles" checkbox at the bottom of the entity generation interface (right side).

Ctrl + Alt + F - Focus search bar
Set focus on the search bar to immediately start typing.

Ctrl + G - Slowly get passengers out of a vehicle
By pressing this key combination when one or more vehicles have been selected, all passengers will be dropped slowly, one at a time.

Ctrl + Shift + C - Deep copy
Performs a deeper copy, including item properties such as unit loads, vehicle inventories, and customization.

Ctrl + Shift + V - Paste in depth
Your deep copy is saved in a separate clipboard from the main one - use this key combination to paste what you have previously deeply copied.

Ctrl + X - Orient to normal terrain
Orient all selected objects to match the slope of the terrain at their location.

Ctrl + double left click (on an AI) - Remote control
A Vanilla key combination, which allows you to take control of an AI.

Hold Ctrl + left click and drag - Group / Ungroup
Another Vanilla key combination, holding Ctrl and dragging left click on any unit creates a line, which you can drag onto another to connect them to the same group. You can also use the same key combination and drag to nothing to remove the unit from its group.

G - Eject from a vehicle
Instantly dismount all AI from the currently selected vehicle. This option provides a parachute if it is a flying vehicle.

L - Turn flashlight on / off
It turns on a bright light coming from your perspective, which only Zeus can see. Useful for seeing certain things in the dark without having to activate night vision.

Shift + C - Use countermeasures
It causes the currently selected vehicles to deploy their countermeasures such as rockets or smoke.

Unconstrained: Turns the editable icons on or off
Toggle the visibility of all editable icons on or off. Useful for temporarily reducing lag or clutter on the screen when there are many icons.

N - Change normal / night / thermal view
Allows the zeus to switch from normal to night NVG to thermal.

V - Open the context menu of the right mouse button
Useful when you've selected a group of AI and can't right-click without them moving to that spot.

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