Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0] how to solve it, guide and Fix

Google Play Error [RPC:S-5:AEC-0] how to solve it, guide and FixWhen you try to download (or update) an app from the Google Play Store you see this annoying error message?

Update for <app name> could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server). [RPC:S-5;AEC-0].

In this guide we explain how to solve it.


Google Play Nessuna connessione, Riprova come risolverlo, guida e Fix Versione Italiana

This error can occur after an operating system upgrade, a reset of the smartphone or tablet, or if you install a new ROM.

The problem is not caused by Google Play, the firmware or the device you are using, but it is simply a problem of synchronization of your Gmail account used on the device.

It is a mistake easily remedied.

In the video you can see that when this error occurs it is impossible to download or update all apps.

To solve this problem there are three solutions:

1. Change or recharge your Google account

In some cases the error is No connection, Retry or Check your connection and try aganin can be caused by a security issue linked to your Google account registered on your Android device.

The solution may be to change account or try to disconnect and reconnect it, let's see how to proceed.

We have already shown how to do this in this article: How to delete a Google account from an Android smartphone or tablet

Now you have removed your account from your device, you must then proceed to charge your account or to enter a new one. To do this you access the Setup and click on Account now click on +Add account.

2. Clear the cache of the Google Play Store

To do that you will have to access the Settings menu, enter the section App, scroll horizontally until All app. Now look for the Google Play Store app, clicking will access to the basic settings of the application. Click Clear Cache.

No Connection, Retry - Clear the cache of the Google Play Store

3. Factory data reset

Although this is probably the most efficient and fast is always the most feared by Android users, who do not want to risk losing photos, videos, music, messages and app. Before then, you must run a nice quote backup of everything.

  1. Access to Settings and then to the Backup & Reset section.
  2. Click Factory data reset.
  3. Into factory data reset screen, you can also do not check voice Erase SD Card after that click on Reset phone.


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